About Nicola

Welcome to The Radiant Bride, a site dedicated to helping Christian women overcome the added challenges that can arise when married to someone that has Aspergers/ASD.

I pray that God’s gentle direction has caused you to land on this site and that it will be the catalyst for you becoming The Radiant Bride God intends you to be, not only for yourself, your husband and your children, but also as we prepare and await the return of our ultimate Groom – Jesus.


I am …

  • A child of God
  • A wife and mother
  • ASD Aspergers Expert from 33+ years Personal Experience of a husband who manages an ASD and a parent of a young adult also managing an ASD
  • Christian Businessperson, Affiliate Marketer, Website Builder and Trainer, 
  • Christian Coach and Mentor specialising in ASD/NT Christian Relationships, Business, Finance, Health and Living a Christian Lifestyle
  • Dedicated to Helping you in every way possible, to walk in victory in every area of your life, spiritually, relationally, financially, physically.
  • A great friend, loyal, supportive, encouraging and trustworthy
  • Passionate and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of families affected by the challenges of ASD.
  • Determined to reverse the negative impact ASD has had on families through education and highlighting the many benefits for those born with an ASD and their families.


As of December 12, 2018, I have been married for 31 years, the last 13 years thankfully saved, but the first 18 years were tough, to say the least for both of us and our two children, we’re talking Post Traumatic Stress tough!

During that time I have experienced directly or indirectly, rejection, social isolation from family and friends, uncontrollable rage, fear, grief, despair, extreme sensitivities to light, smells, and noise, unemployment, illness, infidelity, bankruptcy, addictions, controlling behaviors, obesity, separation, depression, suicide attempts, relocation to another country, scams and was almost homeless.

It wasn’t until our youngest daughter’s teacher approached us in 2010 and said she was “sorry to tell us, but she believed Aimie had Aspergers” that all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall in to place and Darren looked at me and said “I think I have Aspergers too“.

Shortly after, he was diagnosed as having severe Aspergers and the reality of the situation hit me hard.

Up until that time I had been clinging to the hope that it was a temporary situation and eventually an answer would make it all go away but the reality was it was a lifelong condition that had no natural “cure”.

The defining moment in our marriage came after yet another “misunderstanding” and as we both sat on our bedroom floor sobbing, frustrated and angry, we agreed we just couldn’t do it any longer, we were both exhausted, miserable and defeated.

As I journeyed downstairs planning what steps to take next, God spoke clearly to me and said: “So you’re going to be the one to prove to Darren he is unlovable are you?”

That reality cut me to my core. It wasn’t ever that I didn’t love him, it was just too hard, too hard for both of us, and too hard on our children, but that was indeed the message Darren was receiving.

God promised me at that moment, if I would humble myself and apologize to Darren, and decide divorce was no longer an option for us, He would give me the strength and the direction to turn things around for my family and that’s exactly what He has done.

In February 2009 when I was baptized, it was prophesied that God was going to use me to help people to walk into victory and for them to know what He had done in me, at the time my life was in turmoil and I couldn’t see how that possibly would come to pass, but almost 10 years later, here I am, walking in the victory of a marriage that has exceeded my expectations of how wonderful it could be and God has indeed used me to help others turn their marriages and their lives around.


So I want to help YOU achieve that too!

I am here to declare “NOTHING is impossible for our God!” We are living proof.

Will it be easy? NO, it won’t be sorry, But I can guarantee you it gets easier and you will feel like the Radiant Bride God purposed you to be.


My purpose for creating this website is to firstly give God all the glory for what He has done for us and to give you access to someone who has gone before you and knows that you can achieve the desires God placed in your heart when you and your husband first met.

Darren has also courageously committed to helping you to, by allowing you to ask any questions that you have that will help you to understand the challenges of the condition better and thereby understanding your husbands challenges better too.

We promise to be as transparent with you as possible which is not easy being so vulnerable and disclosing an incredibly dark past that we believe has been forgiven, paid for and buried.

But we are also acutely aware marriages are under attack and God has already provided the answers in His Word but they require action on our part.

So please let us help you. If it’s His peace that defies all understanding you want, that is what you can have.

While we are busy adding posts to support, encourage, uplift, equip and strengthen you, please take advantage of introducing yourself below and asking any questions you may have or please feel comfortable to private message me.

We know with God you can turn things around,

So let’s get started!

Love and Hugs,

Nicola and Darren

The Radiant Bride